Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Social" Media, Writing, Family, & "Followers"

Where have I been?
Yes...That's Eddie Vedder looking to my wife.
And my son attempting to scratch Nazem Kadri's back. :)

I've also been...
Who can say no to a good smash-up?
Or a bike through the woods?
Oh, and I've been here, too...
And coaching my daughter's hoops team, too.

What does all of this have to do with "Social" Media & "Followers"?

To be honest, everything.

Take a second and look back at why you started using social media? The quest for followers? To sell something? To use it as an outlet for your thoughts? Your daily moments of hilarity? Or your moments of cuteness? To meet new on-line friends? To share things you love? Things you hate? To complain non-stop? To finally be heard? To talk-talk-talk-talk-talk, & never listen? To listen, but never talk?

I know why I did.
I also know why I stepped away.
And I don't regret a second.
But I did miss a lot of Tweeps.

But as I type this, I realize I also don't have the time for everything, nor everyone. Family is first, and right now, they are also second, third, and fourth.

So the way I look at it, if I want to reconnect with Tweeps, it's clear I don't have the time to follow over 500 people on Twitter. Seriously, I don't even know half of their names. Does this make me a bad Tweep? I don't think so. My intentions were good. But at this point in my life, following that many people interferes with my ability to keep up with all the selfless and amazing writers, friends, musicians, and general hilarity that my feed once was filled with. BTW Yes, I know what 'Lists' are. But that's not the point of Twitter for me. 

Now with my hope of NaNo-revising, I know I will need my Tweeps support, and I want to find a few minutes each day to support them, too.

But where do I find the time?
I wish!
Well, I refuse to miss a single second of my kids lives. I had my time to be selfish, and I will have that time again in ten years when they set off to university, college, or the workforce.

So, the answer is pretty clear. It's time to say goodbye to a few hundred "Followers". I'm not doing this for numbers, or to make my ratio look better. I could give *Ear Muffs* two shits about that.

I want more time with my family. I want more time with Tweeps I actually have friendships with. It's nothing personal, it's just the reality of having a job, a busy family life, coaching life, and my attempt to get back in the swing of writerly-things and "Social" Media.

So to those I unfollow over the next few days, it's nothing personal. And please, unfollow me right back. It will probably help you keep in contact with those Tweeps that you have truly connected with.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


I have officially put my blog on hiatus... 
But in the meantime, you can find me over on TumblrAll The Write Notes, & Twitter.

*Dives Back Into The Revision Web*